Planned Giving

Your UGA Legacy

The Office of Gift and Estate Planning can coordinate with you and your professional advisors to help you create a lasting impact at the University of Georgia in the way most advantageous to you. Explore the options and create your UGA legacy today!


Statement of Future Gifts

This form allows you to document your deferred gift benefit the university to ensure your gift is used in accordance with your wishes.

Sample Bequest Language

This sample language is available for you to share with your professional advisors to aid you in preparation of your estate documents.

UGA Foundation Tax Determination Letter

This letter is available for you to share with your professional advisors and/or retirement plan administrators should you be considering a gift to benefit the Foundation.

UGA Foundation Endowment Minimums

Review Foundation minimums for funding a new endowment. Please note that some colleges and areas may have higher endowment minimums.

Gift Calculator

Explore the benefits of a charitable gift annuity and charitable remainder unitrust by viewing illustrations based on your data input (i.e., age, value of property, etc.).


Learn more about exciting things happening at the university and view resources and tips related to personal planning.